MMW og Howdy billede

Millennial Mental Wellbeing and Howdy join forces

Addressing the world’s most pressing issue, Millennial Mental Wellbeing (MMW) & Howdy join forces to accelerate the adoption of mental health in workplaces. The new partnership will increase retention of young professionals and decrease stress leave in workplaces.

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MMW & Howdy Product Bundle

This new partnership will result in a new product bundle which will bring the best of both solutions to our end customers. This product bundle will provide value to three distinct pillars in the workplace: Culture, HR/Business Leaders and young professionals.

Our solution aims to enable workplaces to reduce stress leave and burnout, increase retention of young professionals and see improved performance of employees.


What we want to achieve


The starting point will be to initiate the dialogue on the importance of mental health by normalizing the conversation and breaking the stigma.


Educate, train and equip business leaders with necessary mental wellbeing  toolkit to identify, address and take actions to help their employees thrive.



Provide and equip the individual employees with the necessary tools to achieve sustainable mental health improvement.



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